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This is a large page, please scroll down to find your answer to, how to measure for sizes of wigs, eyes, shoes (use our handy inches to mm chart) and stands.
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How To Search For A Wig Or Shoe In Our Store
At the right side of every page you will see the search engine block.
For Wigs:  
Simply what you are looking for, such as wig, size and color. 
If you know the name or number of the wig or shoe enter that.
You should type in the box as an example, wig  7-8 black, you do not need to separate the words or sizes by commas. Click search and you will see those wigs in the size color you searched for. Entering the color as black will show size 7-8 with the color of black in any shade of black, or any color you selected.
From the drop down menus select the size and shade of color.
For Shoes:
If you know the number or number enter that 
Search shoes the same way as wigs. Enter shoe, size and color; As An Example you would enter in the search box, Shoe 72mm blue. If you know the exact size then enter, shoe 72mm/36mm blue. The search will always return the size in length and width in mm. The search results will return all color or shades of blue, or any color you selected.

1.) If the doll has rooted hair carefully cut away the old wig. 

2.) If the wig is glued onto the head carefully pull it off. 

You may then find an item called a pate. Pates are used to close the top of an opened crowned doll (opening on top of head). Pates have been made from many materials including cork, plastic, and Styrofoam. If the pate appears to be in good condition do not remove it. If the pate needs to be replaced remember the shape of the pate will directly affect the way the wig fits. The pate which is glued on should always complete the shape of the head. 

To size of the pate is determined by measuring the opening of the crown (hole) on top of the dolls head. The size can vary anywhere from 2-5" and pates are relatively inexpensive. We suggest that you order a couple of pates in different sizes to insure the proper fit. You will find these in the accessories category. 

Next, carefully measure the dolls head to select the proper size of the wig. See Below. 

Most wigs have a stretch type cap which provides flexibility in sizing. This stretch cap makes it easier to place the wig on the dolls head. EXAMPLE: If your measurement of the dolls head is 14 5/8" a wig size of 14-15 is correct. 

With wig in hand place your hands on each side of the wig cap and stretch it over the dome of the head. Position wig so that the crown (top) of the wig is where it would appear on a human head. If the wig is to be permanent glue it in place by lifting the edges and placing a small amount of household glue just under the edge of the cap. 

Disclaimer: All instructions written or verbal are general in nature and are meant as a guide only. All About Dolls can not assume any liability or responsibility should any damage or loss occur to dolls or accessories. 

The size of the doll in has no relationship to the size of the wig, shoe, or accessory you are ordering. That is to say an 18" doll can take a size 4-5; 6-7; 8-9; 10-11; 12-13; 14-15; 16-17, depending on the circumference of the head. All dolls are not created equal. The same can be said of shoes. The height of the doll has no relation to the shoe size.

Wrap a cloth tape measure around the circumference of your doll's head just behind the ears and across the forehead. Measurement should be in inches. 

Most wigs have a stretch type cap which provides flexibility in sizing. This stretch cap makes it easier to place the wig on the dolls head. EXAMPLE: If your measurement of the dolls head is 14 5/8" a wig size of 14-15 is correct. 


To measure the diameter of your doll's eyes, the eye socket should be measured in millimeters (mm) from corner-to-corner, as illustrated.

If you have the shoe you wish to replace measure that shoe in  mm. Use the chart below.  If not then do this.

Measure your doll's foot from heel to toe. Add 5mm to the length of the bare foot as determined on the chart below .

Now do the same for the width at its widest point.. Remember add 5 mm to the length only.. It is better to be a little longer or wider or both in measuring than be short. 

You can always add a little paper or cloth to make up for the difference.

Inches                                                                                    =   mm 

1 1/829
1 1/432
1 3/835
1 1/238
1 5/841
1 3/444
1 7/847
2 1/854
2 1/457
2 3/860
2 1/264
2 5/867
2 3/470
2 7/873
3 1/880
3 1/483
3 3/886
3 1/289
3 5/892
3 3/495
3 7/898
4 1/8105
4 1/4108
4 3/8111
4 1/2114
4 3/8117

Stands come in a variety of sizes, they can be metal or a wood base with a metal post and wire. To select the correct stand for your doll measure the doll from head to toe, this gives you the height of the doll and selection is then made from the sizes available. EXAMPLE: If your doll measures 23" then our metal stand #32 fitting dolls 20-30" is the proper one.